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One Year On

In the not too distant past in the Paragon Models stand at the 2019 Nürnberg toy fair, we discussed with our stakeholders the changes in diecast and the shift to 1:64 scale. At the next 2020 toy fair, we had on our display our first pair of 1:64 models the Mitsubishi GTO and the Liberty Walk BMW i8.

Of course, our debut was perfectly timed with the appearance of the Coronavirus. Yet despite the impact on production, effects on the material supply chain, massively increases transport cost and world recession, here we are.

12 whole complete and independent castings, under a new brand in one year.

We take this opportunity to thank the 1:64 community for their enthusiasm, suggestions, forgiveness (in some cases) but most importantly for your help.

You've told us what you want to see, which directions we should go, and what we are doing right. As long as we keep talking, we'll be making better models for you and we should still be around.